UTD Geometry, Topology and Dynamics Seminar (2014)

Apr 25

Aykut Satici

Electrical Engineering, University of Texas at Dallas

Swarming with Connectivity via Lagrange-Poincare Equations

One of the important goals of a multi-agent mobile network is coverage or surveillance of a given area. This requires the agents to swarm or move in formation along a desired path/trajectory. In other words, it is desired that the centroid of the formation move along a specified desired trajectory. In addition when avoiding contact with the environment is an issue, we may also want to specify a desired orientation trajectory of the multi-agent system.

While the swarming operation is under way, it is still desired to achieve and maintain a desired connectivity measure whenever information sharing between agents in the network is required. In this work, we propose a framework which nearly decouples the control design for these two potentially conflicting goals by exploiting the inherent symmetries of mechanical systems.

May 2

Oleg Makarenkov

University of Texas at Dallas

A perturbation approach to study the dynamics of nonlinear differential equations, II

Some interesting examples will be presented