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School of Arts, Technology, and Emerging Communication

The School of Arts, Technology, and Emerging Communication (ATEC) is home to artists, scientists, designers, scholars and researchers who collaborate to create an exciting and dynamic academic program. Faculty, students and researchers explore cutting-edge topics through the study of emerging media, artistic experimentation with new technologies, and critical engagement with pressing social issues.

Degrees Offered

Bachelor of Arts: Arts, Technology, and Emerging Communication

Master of Arts: Arts, Technology, and Emerging Communication

Master of Fine Arts: Arts, Technology, and Emerging Communication

Doctor of Philosophy: Arts, Technology, and Emerging Communication

Labs and Studios

The ArtSciLab is a interdisciplinary research lab that carries out national and international investigations on the hybridization of art and science, data visualization and experimental publishing. ArtSciLab exists to support innovation that involves art, scientific research, technology development and education. Research includes collaboration between artists and scientists who seek to investigate problems of cultural timeliness and societal urgency.

The Emerging Gizmology Lab researches design, media and culture by studying the exponential proliferation of gizmos (products being built on new technologies). Gizmos are the leading-edge result of the technological imagination at work. The lab tracks, deconstructs and reconstructs gizmos to understand the culture that built them as well as potential for repurposing them as materials for research and projects.

Fashioning Circuits is a public humanities project that combines scholarship, university coursework and community engagement. The goal of the project is to explore the ways in which fashion, maker culture and emerging media intersect and to work with community partners to introduce beginners to making and coding through the arts and humanities. In Fashioning Circuits, “fashion” functions not just as a noun to describe cultural trends, but also as a verb, “to fashion,” to indicate the experiential and problem-based learning strategies of the project and the potential for a diverse range of students to fashion themselves as members of the publics and counter publics of the future.

LabSynthE is a creative laboratory for the investigation of synthetic and electronic poetry. The laboratory currently works on projects at the intersection of memory, translation, poetry and sound, worker’s rights, and feminism. LabSynthE is a place where all voices are welcome. It operates like an improvisation group, prioritizing “yes and” as a condition for exchange.

The Narrative Systems Research Lab pursues models of understanding, structural research and the creation of new work in the fields of narrative and interactive media. Research includes making connections between narrative, new media, digital games, the fine arts, engineering, literature and the humanities through independent research, collaborative projects, and serious game development.

The Public Interactives Research Lab investigates how emerging technologies will transform urban media landscapes. Researchers create technologies that draw on developments in ubiquitous computing, public art and environmental design to create interactive experiences.

The Studio for Mediating Play integrates critical research and creative practices with intersectional feminist theory and criticism to address social and material issues through engagements with and about play. The studio treats play as a significant cultural phenomena of study as well as grounding for critical research and practice, exploring how play is shaped by and can probe existing systems of power. The studio draws inspiration from art, performance, and other studio-based practices. From designing experimental games to examining fandom and reception practices, The Studio for Mediating Play investigates how play both mediates and is mediated by cultural and material forces.

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