Master of Science in Psychology


The Master of Science in Psychology degree program provides advanced psychology training to prepare serious student scholars for nationally prominent doctoral programs in clinical and experimental psychology. Students will obtain research experience, take advanced coursework in psychology, and attend professional development workshops.

This research-focused program requires students to work with a research mentor and to be actively involved in at least one research laboratory throughout the two-year training. Students also have the opportunity to gain additional applied experiences through the thriving internship program in the School of Behavioral and Brain Sciences.

Career Options

The PSYC master’s degree program is excellent preparation for doctoral programs in psychology. This program is also ideal for individuals interested in applied careers where strong skills in designing, conducting, and understanding research are useful, including careers in data analysis, health care, and program management. Please note that this program is not designed to provide clinical training nor does it lead to licensure as a counselor or psychologist. Graduates of the program seek positions such as researchers, project coordinator and evaluation specialist.

Degree Program

The MS in Psychology requires the completion of a minimum of 36 semester credit hours. For complete admission and degree requirements, view the Graduate Catalog at