Master of Public Policy


The MPP offers students an interdisciplinary graduate education designed to develop skills for careers in which a solid understanding of the public policy process and the analysis and evaluation of public policies are essential. Students will be prepared for analytical and administrative positions and responsibilities in a wide array of professional settings in the public, nonprofit and private sectors as well as advanced study for careers in research.

Students gain an essential foundation in applied economic and statistical analysis, which will help them address important public policy questions. The program also focuses on ethics and effective communication.

Career Options

What makes a professional career in public policy unique is the emphasis on tackling “wicked problems” – the challenging issues that define the public agenda and call for talented individuals to devote their efforts to finding solutions.

A career in public policy once meant government employment, but given the connections between governments, nonprofits, NGOs, the private sector and universities, public policy graduates employed in any of these organizations can have highly productive careers that contribute directly to the public good.

Application Requirements

Degree requirements: The master's program in Public Policy seeks applications from students with a baccalaureate degree from an institution of higher education.

GPA: Although applications will be reviewed holistically, in general, entering students have earned a 3.0 undergraduate grade point average (GPA) (on a 4.0 point scale).

Test score required: Yes

A verbal score of 156 and a quantitative score of 146 on the GRE.

Letters of recommendation: 3

Applicants must submit three letters of recommendation from individuals who can judge the candidate’s probability of success in graduate school. Use the electronic request form in the graduate application to submit the letters. Contact the graduate academic program department if you have any questions.

Admissions essay required: Yes

A one-page essay outlining the applicant's background, education, and professional objectives.

Deadlines: University deadlines apply.