Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science in Interdisciplinary Studies

A major in interdisciplinary studies provides you with a flexible degree specifically oriented to your career goals. The BA in interdisciplinary studies is a liberal arts-style degree plan that allows students to accomplish a range of goals, including incorporating differing fields of interest into a college degree, transferring from community college with diverse credits or completing a degree for employment that requires the student to learn new skills important in the workplace. The BS in interdisciplinary studies is a rigorous science-based degree intended for students who wish to combine science with other interests such as business, psychology, humanities or social sciences.

Careers in Interdisciplinary Studies

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Depending upon the courses incorporated into the degree, alumni with a bachelor’s in interdisciplinary studies are prepared to enter the health care fields, environmental studies, journalism, management and nonprofit organizations or into occupations where science knowledge is an asset, such as pharmaceutical sales. Alumni with interdisciplinary studies degrees have been accepted into graduate programs in divinity, environmental studies, health professions, humanities, interdisciplinary studies, law, management and social sciences.

The University’s Career Center is an important resource for students pursuing post-graduation employment. Licensed counselors are available to provide strategies for mastering job interviews, writing professional cover letters and resumes and connecting with campus recruiters, among other services.

Interdisciplinary Studies at UT Dallas

The Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science in Interdisciplinary Studies degree programs emphasize a broad learning experience and a wider perspective than that provided by traditional undergraduate majors. They are designed to offer students the opportunity to participate in an interdisciplinary, academically sound and goal-oriented education directly relevant to the student’s intellectual development and career aspirations.

Minors and double majors are not allowed in these interdisciplinary studies degrees. In order to make the degrees reflect their name, no more than 21 hours of courses with the same prefix are allowed in the combined major requirements and the six hours of advanced electives.

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Internships and Honors

The School of Interdisciplinary Studies internship program at UT Dallas offers students the opportunity for practical experience in their field of interest:

  • Experience in a professional work environment.
  • Academic credit under faculty supervision.
  • A six-hour internship or three-hour internship with approved coursework.

The interdisciplinary studies honors program offers the opportunity for advanced scholarly work and recognition. To earn departmental honors, students must graduate with:

  • A 3.9 cumulative GPA.
  • A 3.9 GPA in designated courses.
  • The chance to try a career or industry before committing to a full-time employment situation.

The programs of the School of Interdisciplinary Studies (IS) provide students with a broad learning experience. Because of the individualized focus and flexibility, the program is appropriate for both students preparing to enter the workplace and those planning to continue their studies. IS students are encouraged to customize a degree plan using two or more disciplines — a combination of business and the social sciences, for example — or they can tailor degrees in American studies or healthcare studies around topics of interest.

Degrees Offered

Bachelor of Arts: American studies, interdisciplinary studies

Bachelor of Science: Healthcare studies, interdisciplinary studies

Master of Arts: Interdisciplinary studies

Minors Offered

If your academic focus leads you elsewhere at UT Dallas, but you would still like to pursue studies in the School of Interdisciplinary Studies, the following minors are available:

  • American studies
  • Environmental studies
  • Exercise sciences
  • Gender studies
  • Healthcare studies

Additional Facts

The University’s Teacher Development Center (TDC) is housed in the School of Interdisciplinary Studies and provides rigorous, university-based coursework with extensive field experience, including student teaching or a supervised post-baccalaureate internship for students interested in making teaching or school administration their career. The TDC offers teacher certification options for both undergraduate and post-baccalaureate students.

The University’s Academic Bridge Program, for which the school is responsible, assists high-potential students who may not have completed a college-track high school curriculum to transition to the academically rigorous environment of UT Dallas.