Dr. Patterson

The foundation of the Holocaust Studies Program at The University of Texas at Dallas is the curriculum offered by the School of Arts and Humanities on the Shoah. The interdisciplinary structure of both the program and its courses offers students the opportunity to study the event, its antecedents, and its legacy from multiple perspectives.

Fall 2017 Undergraduate Courses:

HIST 4330: The Holocaust – Dr. Debra Pfister

HIST 4344: Holocaust, Looting, and the Reich – Dr. Debra Pfister

LIT 3343: European Romanticism – Dr. Zsuzsanna Ozsváth

Fall 2017 Graduate Courses:

HUHI 6313: Eichmann on Trial – Dr. Nils Roemer

HUHI 6320: Holocaust: Perceptions of the PastDr. Nils Roemer

HUHI 6338: The Holocaust – Dr. Zsuzsanna Ozsváth

HUHI 7314: Anti-Semitism – Dr. David Patterson


Our professors offer a wide range of courses that vary each semester. For more information about previously taught courses please refer to the Coursebook Listings, which is searchable by professor name and semester.