Homecoming 2015 Parade Route

The UT Dallas Homecoming Parade is scheduled for Friday, November 13 from 12:00 - 1:00 p.m. During this time, all traffic, Comet Cabs and Comet Cruiser buses will be detoured due to the parade route on Rutford Avenue.

Buses will be unloading and picking up passengers on campus at Drive H. Passengers may also board the buses along Waterview Parkway and Synergy Park Boulevard, but the 883 West (McCallum) route will not be serving WSTC during this time. Please review the schedule and consider taking an earlier bus.

All Comet Cab routes that run the length of Rutford will be suspended during the parade. This includes the Lot T to Activity Center Route and the University Commons Route. The University Village and Lot U to Activity Center Routes will be modified, and the McDermott Route will not be affected.

Additionally, drivers needing access to PS3 or Lot R during this time should expect delays during this time; police will be directing traffic. The entrance to Lot T will remain open.

Please allow extra time to reach your destination on this day. Rutford Avenue will reopen and services will return to their normal schedules immediately following the conclusion of the parade.

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