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Research News

See the latest news about discoveries, inventions, designs and scholarly achievements at UT Dallas – breakthroughs that are taking the University toward its goal of becoming one of the nation’s best public research universities.

Engineers Create Structures Tougher Than Bulletproof Vests

Dr. Majid Minary Researchers at UT Dallas have created new structures that exploit the electromechanical properties of specific nanofibers to stretch to up to seven times their length, while remaining tougher than Kevlar. read more

New Technology Could Cut Costs of Night Vision, Thermal Imaging

Zeshan Ahmad and Dr. Kenneth O Engineers with the Texas Analog Center of Excellence at The University of Texas at Dallas have created semiconductor technology that could make night vision and thermal imaging affordable for everyday use. read more

Study Challenges Theory on Unconscious Memory System in the Brain

Dr. Rick Addante Research by Dr. Richard Addante, a senior lecturer in the School of Behavioral and Brain Sciences, challenges the accepted theory about the hippocampus' role in our unconscious memory. read more

New Insight Found in Black Hole Collisions

Dr. Michael Kesden New research by Dr. Michael Kesden provides revelations about the most energetic event in the universe - the merging of two spinning, orbiting black holes into a much larger black hole. read more


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