Computer Replacement

Faculty and Staff Computers

  1. A&H has a 5-year replacement schedule for faculty and staff computers.

  2. The replacement schedule is based on the purchase date of individual computers.

  3. Any computer issues that may require replacement ahead of the planned schedule are evaluated by the technical support staff. The technical support staff will make a recommendation on whether the computer should be repaired, upgraded or replaced.

  4. The Technical Support Manager will evaluate the list of faculty and staff who are scheduled to receive replacement computers prior to the orders being placed. The manager will make adjustments as needed based on the technical support team's knowledge of which computers have the most issues and need to be replaced.

  5. Due to limited funds, A&H only provides one computer to each employee. Employees must return their existing computer before they can take possession of their new computer. Faculty are generally issued laptops. Staff may be issued either a desktop or laptop, depending on their individual job needs.


  1. In June/July, the computer replacement schedule is updated and computers scheduled for replacement in the fall are identified.

  2. Employees who will be receiving new computers are contacted regarding their computing needs.

  3. Quotes are requested in June.

  4. Orders are placed in September.


  1. All employees who are issued a laptop must complete and sign a Property Custody Receipt, even if there are no plans to remove the laptop from campus.