Facilities Work Request Charges

Facilities Management no longer sends invoices to customers; however, account managers are required to keep a copy of the billing details as backup documentation for charges which appear on their accounts. To retrieve a copy of the invoice/billing detail for work requests and key requests, follow the steps below.

  1. Go to: https://facmgmt.utdallas.edu/fmax/screen/WORKDESK

  2. If a security certificate problem appears, click on continue.

  3. On the top left of the screen, select: module > Work Management

  4. On the top left of the screen, select: work management > work order

  5. In the field on the bottom right of the screen: enter the work order # (numbers and dash only, no letters)

  6. Click on the magnifying glass. (Pressing the "enter" key on the keyboard will not execute the search.)

  7. The work order details will be displayed.

  8. To view the billable hours - pull up the work order as listed above.

  9. Then click on the drop down list by "select" and select the "cost analysis" option.

FY10 FY09
Regular Time Rate $29.00/person $29.00/person
Over-Time Rate $43.50/person $43.50/person

Billing Contact in Facilities Management

Andrew Aquatero Jr., ext. 2696
Work Control Coordinator