Shipping and Mail Services


Manuscripts...A&H does not pay for overnight shipments for faculty and students. The school also does not pay for shipments and then allow the professor to pay the school back. Professors who need to make overnight shipments for manuscripts will need to take their package to Kinko's or Mail Boxes, Etc. A&H will pay for regular postage for faculty to mail manuscripts through the US postal service.

Central Receiving and Mail Services

Mail Services ext. 2779, [email protected]

Regular, size 10, envelopes do not have to be sealed before placing them in the mail slot. Mail services has a postage machine which will seal the envelope. If you have a large number of envelopes which need to be sealed, stack them with the flaps down, rubber band them together and write the account number for the postage charges on the top envelope. (Write it on a small post-it note and stick it underneath the rubber band.)

Any other size of envelope must be sealed before placing it in the mail slot (i.e. manila envelopes).

Do not place any personal mail in the off-campus mail slot, even if you have placed a stamp on it. State law prohibits state agencies from handling personal mail.