Meal Reimbursements in A&H

A&H Policy

Arts and Humanities will reimburse expenses only up to $20 per person for lunches and $50 per person for dinners. Reimbursement will be given for the guest and no more than three A&H representatives. Choose moderately priced restaurants. All meals funded by A&H must be approved by the dean in advance.

A&H Procedures

Submit the following to the receptionist in JO 4.510 or your designated staff member:

  1. Original itemized receipt from the restaurant

  2. List of attendees which includes: names, titles, and the organization they represent

  3. A brief statement explaining the business purpose for the meal.

Please note: Food and Beverages are never allowable expenses on state cost centers (traditionally known as 2-accounts). Food is allowed on designated tuition cost centers (traditionally known as 3-accounts) but alcohol is not. Both food and alcohol are allowed on gift cost centers provided the business purpose of the meal is in-line with the purpose of the donations received.