New Teaching and Research Assistants

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RA and TA Requirements

  1. You must meet with Dena within the first three days of your start/hire date. (Federal laws requires us to verify your I9 documentation prior to the end of the 3rd day.)

  2. Insurance Options - must select within 30 days of start date

  3. You will be paid on the 1st business day of each month. (First and last pay check dates listed in table below.)

  4. You may choose to have your pay check deposited directly into your bank account. If you do not choose this option, you may pick up your check from the Payroll Office in MP 2.224 after 12 p.m. on the first business day of the month.

  5. You must enroll in at least 9 SCH for the fall semester and 9 SCH for the spring semester (at UTD) in order to qualify for a TA/RA appointment. The GTS payment covers 9SCH - if you take more, you are responsible for the additional cost. If you do not enroll in 9 SCH per semester at UTD, you will forfeit your TA/RA appointment.

  6. The GTS covers tuition and supplemental designated tuition (if applicable) for 9 SCH during the fall and spring semesters plus the international services fee if applicable. The number of SCH covered during the summer varies depending on budget availability.

  7. It is a violation of state law to log into any computer or software program with someone else's netid and password -- never do this even if your faculty supervisor requests that you do it for them. Report such requests to Dr. Michael Wilson as soon as possible.

  8. Official communication must go to/from your UTD email address. We cannot respond to inquiries we receive from non-UTD email addresses.

General Information and Contacts

General Information Contact for A&H Majors  
Mailroom JO 4.606  
Graduate Student Commons JO 3.930  
Mailing and Shipping Address (Your Name)
School of Arts & Humanities
The University of Texas at Dallas
800 W Campbell Road, JO31
Richardson, TX 75080

Issues/Questions Contact for A&H Majors  
Temperature in office or classroom needs adjustment ext. 2177
Facilities issues (such as burned out lights, etc.) ext. 2177 or [email protected]
Tech/Computer Support ext. 2911 or [email protected]
Academic Registration Alice Salazar Presti  
Payroll Dena Davis  

The official employment dates for graduate student assistants are:

Appointment Semester Start Date - End Date 1st Paycheck Last Paycheck
Fall Sept 1 - Jan 15 Oct 1 Feb 1 for 1/2 of Jan
Spring Jan 16 - May 31 Feb1 for 1/2 of Jan June 1
Summer June 1 - Aug 31 July 1 Sept 1

**Please check your offer letter to determine which semesters your appointment covers.

**Work for fall semester appointments will begin in August. Please check your offer letter for details. (This is offset by the fact that fall semester appointments are paid through Jan. 15th even though the fall semester is generally over by the first week of December.)

Getting onto payroll

All of the forms below are required in order to add you to the UTD payroll system. Please complete the forms, print them, sign them and bring them to the A&H TA Orientation on Friday August 22, 2014 1:30 – 4:00 in JO 4.614. (Please note this is in addition to the TA Orientation held by the Graduate Dean's Office-both orientations are required.)

If you have worked on campus in the preceding six months, you are not required to complete these forms again.

**Don't forget to also bring your original social security card and the documents you choose to use for the I-9 (instructions included with form below). Copies are not acceptable.**