The School of Arts and Humanities has several centers that provide a foundation for growth both internally and throughout the community:

Ackerman Center for Holocaust Studies

Over its thirty-year history, The Ackerman Center developed an international reputation for the excellence and diversity of its academic and outreach programs that enable the Center to initiate and promote broadly based study units of the Holocaust.

Center for Asian Studies

A hub for Asian scholarly study, cultural fluency and literacy. The center is devoted to Asian culture and the interaction of Asia with America.

The Center for Translation Studies

A broad mission: enhancing the visibility and establishing the importance of the translator as the most important mediator between cultures; supporting the scholarly analysis and creation of literary translations; establishing partnerships with writers, scholars and publishers around the world.

Center for U.S.-Latin America Initiatives

CUSLAI, directed by Monica Rankin, promotes research and educational initiatives in Latin American studies, and works to strengthen the intellectual and cultural connections between students and faculty at UT Dallas and their Latin American counterparts.

Center for Values in Medicine, Science and Technology

Supports programs and projects that address the human implications of scientific investigation and technological innovation.

The Edith O’Donnell Institute of Art History

The Edith O’Donnell Institute is a center for innovative research and graduate education in the history of art. Research and teaching at the O’Donnell Institute focus on artworks held in Dallas-Fort Worth collections, which together open onto a history of art that ranges across geography, chronology, and medium. The O’Donnell Institute is dedicated to intellectual creativity, exchange, and collaboration in the form of lectures and symposia, exhibitions, publications, and collaborations with area institutions.

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