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Dr. Monica Evans : Faculty, Project Lead
Monica Evans is an Assistant Professor of computer game design. Her current research interests include "tough content" educational game design, critical game studies, digital ethics, and narrative structures for interactive systems. She is contractually obligated to mention "Shadow of the Colossus" at least once a day.

Michael Andreen : Game Designer, Sound Designer
Michael Andreen is an M.F.A. student in game design and sound design, and is currently working on games that teach music appreciation. He is responsible for most of the awful rock band name suggestions in the lab.

Samantha Bratton : Artist
Samantha Bratton is an undergraduate student focusing on 3D modeling and animation.

Marvin Lee Brown : Animator, Web Designer
Lee is a graduate student. His habits include the gradual murder of time that is not his own. He also animates regularly with varying degrees of success. Sometimes he plays games. Sometimes he designs them. Sometimes he mistakes life for them. He is roughly 6 feet tall, and his hair is shorter than it is in this picture.

William Carrington : Programmer
William Carrington is a Master's student focusing on game design and game programming.

Spencer Evans : Programmer, Level Designer
Spencer Evans is an undergraduate student focusing on game programming and level design. He and he alone is responsible for the strangeness of his shoes.

Bobby Frye : Artist, "Idea Man"
Bobby Frye is an M.F.A. student focusing on 3D modeling and independent game design. His primary research area is innovation in game mechanics. He once shoved a dried apricot up his nose. (We're not sure why he shared this.)

Karin Khoo : Programmer
Karin Khoo is a Master's student in game design and game programming.

Lucia Miron : Artist
Lucia Miron is a graduate student with skills in 3D modeling, rigging, and animation.

Jacob Naasz : Artist, Web Designer
Jacob Naasz is an M.F.A. student with skills in art, game design, and rapid digital prototyping. His research focuses on asynchronous game design, and he is a founding member of Five Minute Games, a mobile game development company. He looks a lot like Jack Black, but will only admit it on Tuesdays.

Lily Ounekeo : Game Designer, Artist
Lily Ounekeo is a Ph.D.student focusing on narrative and games, as well as traditional fiction.

Susan Ounekeo : Project Manager
Susan Ounekeo is a Master's student with interests in game design, game narrative, and project management.

Alejandro Ramirez : Game Designer, Programmer
Alejandro Ramirez is an M.F.A. student focusing on systems design and game balancing. On the weekends, he wins chess tournaments for fun.

Skyar Rudin : Sound Designer
Skylar Rudin is an undergraduate student in sound design, but also has interests in virtual communities and the social aspects of online games. He's probably playing World of Warcraft right now.

Jainan Sankalia : Game Designer
Jainan Sankalia is an M.F.A. student interested in the advancement of games as both art and entertainment. He is a founding member of Five Minute Games, a mobile game development company, and runs the Game Design Consortium, a weekly discussion group focusing on game studies and innovative design.

Sarah Wells : Artist
Sarah Wells is an M.F.A. student currently focused on 2D art and animation.

Tim Christopher : Consultant (Game Designer)
Tim Christopher is a doctoral candidate in Arts and Technology, currently researching the design and development of intelligent game systems. He's probably playing Dungeons and Dragons right now.

Eddie Healy : Consultant (Composer)
Eddie Healy is a Ph.D. student of guitar studies in Arts and Performance, and is the composer and performer of most of the music in the Values Games. He also composed the score for the Digital Calculus Coach, a game prototype developed by Dr. Evans and most of the Values Games team members, released in August 2010.

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