Our Mission

The Confucius Institute at UT Dallas is dedicated to serving the people both on and off campus in the learning of Chinese language and culture, and to provide resources to enhance the understanding of China in our region and facilitate cultural exchanges between China and the state of Texas.
We achieve our goals by providing the following services:

  • Teaching Chinese language and culture courses on and off campus
  • Training and certifying Chinese teachers
  • Supporting local schools to develop and strengthen their Chinese programs by establishing Confucius Classrooms
  • Organizing Chinese Proficiency Tests: HSK, HSKK, YCT and BCT
  • Conducting academic research on Chinese literature, history, society  and philosophy; and holding international conferences and symposiums
  • Presenting lectures, exhibitions, competitions, camps, artistic performances and all possible events to help people understand China
  • Providing resources for students and scholars to pursue their studies and research on China
  • Providing consultancies in China-related issues