“Chinese Bridge” K-12 Administrators Delegation to China

The "’Chinese Bridge’ K-12 Administrators Delegation to China” is a program sponsored by the Confucius Institute Headquarters. As an important part of the Confucius Institute’s Chinese Language and Culture initiatives, the program aims to help K-12 administrators in the United States learn more about China and encourage the growth of Chinese language and culture programs in their schools. Since its launch in 2006, over 3,000 principals of major K-12 schools and educational officials have been invited to visit China through the program.

The program lasts about 2 weeks. During their visit to China, the delegates will attend a welcoming ceremony held in Beijing and lectures on Chinese culture given by well-known scholars in China. Then, they will go to visit primary and secondary schools in different provinces, meet with Chinese educators, observe classes and interact with students. It’s a good opportunity for them learn about Chinese society, explore possibilities of establishing partnership with Chinese educational institutions, and seek support of Chinese language and culture programs.

Confucius Institute at UT Dallas is authorized organizer in the DFW area. Interested educators can apply to attend by submitting formal applications to Confucius Institute at UT Dallas. Please check our website for announcement of the delegation.