Lectures, Conferences and Symposiums

The Confucius Institute at UT Dallas presents lectures every term and holds international conferences and symposiums on a regular basis. World-renowned scholars are invited to speak at our lectures, conferences and symposiums about China-related topics.

In 2009, the Institute successfully held the International Translation Symposium , “Translating China into the West”.   Ten world famous sinologists such as Wolfgang Kuban, Tony Barnstone, and Michael Nylan spoke at the symposium.

In April, 2010, being in partnership with the Crow Collection of Asian Art Museum, the Confucius Institute held a unique symposium, “Symposium of the Chinese Art of Jade”.   Lectures on the different aspects of the jade culture were delivered at the symposium, including “Jade and Early Chinese Cosmology,” by Harold D. Roth, Professor of Religious Studies and East Asian Studies, Brown University; “Jade and Sexuality,” by Stephen West, Professor Emeritus, East Asian Languages and Cultures, University of California- Berkeley; and “Assessing Jade,” by Stuart and Barbara Hilbert of the Jade Dragon.

Visualizing the People in Early Modern Chinca and England, Prof. Martin Powers