Programs of the Confucius Institute


Since its founding, the Confucius Institute at UT Dallas has developed a series of exciting programs. The language and culture courses we offered have expanded the Chinese program on campus as well as in the local communities. We hold Chinese teacher training workshops every summer and present China related public lectures, conferences & symposiums on a regular basis. Chinese language proficiency tests HSK, BCT, YCT, have attracted over 200 Chinese language learners to evaluate their language skills.  Eleven Confucius Classrooms have been established in local schools so they can get support for funding, books and equipment to enhance their Chinese programs and the number is still growing.

The "Chinese Bridge" competition and summer camp programs provide opportunities for American high school and college students to visit China and experience the culture in the country. The annually held Chinese Culture Week also enriches the local community with Chinese cultural events and activities, and the monthly held Confucius Salon engages people by reading, introducing, and discussing writings by Confucius, Mencius, Xunzi, and other Confucian thinkers. Confucius Institute Scholarships provides funding for those who want to study Chinese or pursue a degree at one of China’s universities. The Institute also has a library that holds a collection of over 1000 books, dictionaries, audio/videos, references and other materials on Chinese teaching and learning available to the public.

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