Fall 2010 - Undergraduate Course Descriptions

Evans, Kathryn
Discipline and Number
MUSI 3382 Section 501
R Time 7:00 PM - 9:45 PM
Course Title
Musical Theatre Workshop

Description of Course:

Students must audition and be accepted to take this course. Students with no prior experience in voice should take MUSI 2325, Group Voice. Please contact the instructor for an audition appointment by emailing [email protected]

This course will focus on basic singing techniques and interpretive skills, and is recommended for students who have had previous vocal training or experience in performance. Instruction will concentrate on fundamentals of correct breathing, tone production, and diction in English. More advanced students will receive instruction in foreign languages, style, and interpretation. Students will learn the basics of staging and deportment.

Course attendance: The course will meet together during the class time as a group. The course will require regular attendance; unexcused absences will affect the course grade. We will be working together on scenes from musical theatre and opera; and several pieces of music chosen by the student with the consent of the instructor. All students in this course will participate in the following concerts (mandatory):

Musical Theatre/Opera concert in November

Fall Arts Festival at the end of the semester in December.

Required Texts:

Copland, What to Listen for in Music (first semester students) or Holst, The ABC of Music (second semester students).

Music will be supplied by the instructor.

Course Requirements/Evaluation Criteria:

Concert Attendance: Students will also be required to attend 4 concerts during the semester, either at UTD or in the Dallas metroplex area. In addition to free concerts here at UTD, we also will have free or low-cost tickets to Dallas Opera, Dallas Symphony, etc. available through the Student Center. You must write a one-page review of the concert to get credit for attendance. All concerts must be approved in advance by the instructor.

Papers: Each student will also be required to prepare in writing a brief historical summary, a biographical sketch of the composer, and translations (if necessary) of their pieces. Written work may include character and scene analysis and staging directions. Minimum requirement is three pages per piece of music. You should include a bibliography of at least three sources. Due dates for each paper will be announced in advance.

Text: Each student will be required to read What to Listen for in Music by Aaron Copland (first semester students) or The ABCs of Music by Imogen Holst (second semester students) during the term. Third semester students will be given a special assignment in harmony.

Theory worksheet: Each student will be required to complete a basic music theory worksheet to insure a minimum proficiency of knowledge.

This course may be repeated for credit (9 hours maximum).

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