Fall 2010 - Undergraduate Course Descriptions

Redman, Tim
Discipline and Number
HUMA 3300 Section 003
S Time 1:00 PM - 3:45 PM
Course Title
Reading and Writing Texts

Description of Course:

An interdisciplinary course that introduces students to multiple methods of engaging with works of history, music, literature, and the performing arts, HUMA 3300 also serves to fulfill the advanced writing requirement for Arts and Humanities majors.

Our subject this semester will be Ireland. We will read poetry by Yeats, short stories by Joyce, and The Oxford Illustrated History of Ireland, edited by R.F. Foster. We will also be studying the music and songs of Ireland, and we will be viewing clips from films about Ireland.

Required Texts:

Thomas Cahill, How the Irish Saved Civilization
R.F. Foster, editor, The Oxford Illustrated History of Ireland
Dorothy E. Hast and Stanley Scott, Music in Ireland
James Joyce, Dubliners
William Butler Yeats, Selected Poems and Plays
a couple of CDs

Course Requirements/Evaluation Criteria:

Fifteen weekly short-answer quizzes. I will take your ten highest scores, add them, and then assign a grade based on a curve.

Six short (600-800 word) papers, two of which will be on a creative project, two on an historical topic, and two about literature. Each will count 10% towards your final grade.

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