Spring 2011 - Undergraduate Course Descriptions

Roemer, Nils
Discipline and Number
HIST 4344 Section 501
R Time 7:00 PM - 9:45 PM
Course Title
Jewish History

Description of Course:

In this course we will examine the profound transformation that Jews, as communities and individuals, experienced from the late eighteenth century to the postwar period. We will analyze and evaluate a broad range of primary texts and visual material, including several movies. We will explore political and ideological, as well as cultural and religious, developments. Central themes include the Jewish Enlightenment, the process of emancipation, religious reform, modern anti-Semitism, the Holocaust, Zionism, and the founding of the State of Israel. Lectures will concentrate on central themes and include slide and video presentations. This is an introduction to modern Jewish history, thought, and literature.

Required Texts:

Paul Mendes-Flohr and Jehuda Reinharz, The Jew in the Modern World (Oxford, 1995).
Lloyd Gartner, The Jews in Modern Times (Oxford, 2001)

Course Requirements/Evaluation Criteria:

To be announced

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