Fall 2010 - Undergraduate Course Descriptions

Ring, Natalie
Discipline and Number
HIST 4346 Section 001
MW Time 4:00 PM - 5:15 PM
Course Title
American Culture 1877 - 1919

Description of Course:

This course covers the historical period often referred to as the Gilded Age and Progressive Era (1877-1919). We will look at how Americans came to terms with the massive social, economic, and political dislocations wrought by the rise of “modern” America. Prominent themes include the expansion of industrial capitalism and the development of the West, the evolution of a new consumer culture, the influx of “new” immigrants and patterns of “Americanization,” middle-class social reform, the emergence of the U.S. as an imperial power, the explosion of nativist and racist sentiments, the rise of the Jim Crow South, and the political mobilization of aggrieved workers and farmers.

Required Texts:

1. Russell Conwell, Acres of Diamonds, Jove Press (1986) ISBN #978-0515090284
2. William L. Riordan, Plunkitt of Tammany Hall: A Series of Very Plain Talks on Politics, Penguin Group, Mass Market Paperback (1995) ISBN 97804451526205
3. Upton Sinclair, The Jungle, Massmarket Paperback (2004)ISBN# 978-0743487627
4. Steven J. Diner, A Very Different Age: Americans of the Progressive Era (Hill and Wang, 1998) ISBN 978-0809016112
5. John H. Kasson, Houdini, Tarzan, and the Perfect Man: The White Male Body and the Challenge of Modernity in America (Hill and Wang, 2002) ISBN 978-0809055470
6. David W. Southern, The Progressive Era and Race: Reaction and Reform, 1900-1917 (Harlan Davidson (2005)ISBN# 978-0743487627
7. Articles and primary documents which will be available to download on Elearning.

Course Requirements/Evaluation Criteria:

Midterm, paper, final exam, attendance and class discussion.

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