Fall 2010 - Undergraduate Course Descriptions

Reese, Venus
Discipline and Number
DRAM 1310 Section HN1
TR Time 5:30 PM - 6:45 PM
Course Title
CV Understanding Theater

Description of Course:

This course provides students with the information and activities they need for an in-depth comprehensive understanding of the way theatre creates and reflects meaning in society. This course includes reading plays, seeing performances, exploring a range of cultures and periods, contexts and performances, the voice of the theatre artists, and creative participation. You will learn and practice suggested approaches on how to perceive, consider, and interpret theatre through readings, self-generated questions, and lectures. In this course you will read plays, see performances, participate in a group performance project, and write about the artistic events you attend.

The student will be able to demonstrate the ability to identify, discuss, and apply the nature of theatre, performance, style, and drama; (2) demonstrate the ability to give and identify examples of a range of cultures and periods of theatre in relationship to society; and (3) to use the vocabularies, approaches, an analytic tools covered during this course to create, appreciate, and write about theatre.

There will be lecture, group discussion, and video or audio artist work pertaining to the readings. Afterward, the students will get into groups of 2s or 3s and discuss at least one question from each student. The questions will be collected at the end of the class period.

Required Texts:

The Creative Spirit: An Introduction to Theatre. 4th Edition. (Stephanie Arnold.)

Course Requirements/Evaluation Criteria:


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