Summer 2010 - Graduate Course Descriptions

Cullen David
Discipline and Number
HIST 6325 Section 5U1
W Time 5:30 PM - 10:00 PM
Course Title
America in the 1970s

Description of Course:

This course is designed for you to examine the myth and the reality of the 1970s. You should expect to be challenged to rethink many of the myths of the period and reach personal decisions about which myths to discard and which ones to retain. Through this critical process, you will develop the ability to analyze and synthesize complex concepts in the humanities and improve your written communication skills.

Required Texts:

Bruce Schulman, The Seventies: The Great Shift in American Culture, Society and Politics

Andreas Killean, 1973, Nervous Breakdown: Watergate, Warhol and the Birth of Post-Sixties America

Beth Bailey and David Farber, eds., America in the Seventies

Course Requirements/Evaluation Criteria:

Your grade for the class will be based upon three book reviews and one paper. Your paper will be a reflective essay based upon the required texts, class discussions, and the screening of documentary films (these films should be treated as text). Your final grade for the course will be the average of the three book reviews and the paper. Attendance is mandatory.

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