Fall 2011 - Graduate Course Descriptions

Bondurant, Matt
Discipline and Number
HUAS 6354 Section 001
R Time 1:00 PM - 3:45 PM
Course Title
Creating Short Fictions

Description of Course:

Creative writing is our attempt to demonstrate the beauty, power, and truth of our world using the medium of language. Before a writer can employ language effectively they must be familiar with its components and the body of work that has come before them. They must also develop the skills of careful, introspective reading and analysis, objective interpretation, emotional breadth and empathic understanding, and critical thinking. The beginning writer will then develop their own sophisticated set of aesthetic standards and goals and set about attaining them; only then can they attempt to say something new, original, and potentially beautiful about the world.

In our attempt to meet these far-reaching goals in one short semester, we will periodically “workshop” student’s writing in class in an attempt to help them realize the best possible version of their particular vision. This class is concerned with public art; that is writing that is designed to be read by other people. You are not writing for yourselves in this class.You must be ready to receive and digest constructive criticism/opinion about your work. It is in the beginning writer’s best interest to understand how others read and understand their work; however this does not mean we will attempt to conform or mold writing to meet reader’s expectations. We will discuss guidelines and rules for workshop interaction.

This course will require the student to do extensive reading outside the classroom as well as keep a writing journal that will chronicle their journey. We will often write in class and the student will be expected to write every day (in their journals) and revise everything for their final portfolio. You will also attend readings outside of class and responding to them in your journal

Required Texts:


Course Requirements/Evaluation Criteria:


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