Summer 2011 - Undergraduate Course Descriptions

Pfister, Debra
Discipline and Number
HIST 4331 Section 05A
MW Time 1:00 PM - 5:30 PM
Course Title
Holocaust and Representation

Description of Course:

The mass murder of European Jewry during the Holocaust has been recognized
as one of the watershed events of the twentieth-century. Eliminating millions of
people by shooting, gassing, and starvation, the Third Reich has created a new
world, the like of which has not been experienced before. Its implementation of
the “Final Solution”, and the ways in which the Nazis carried out this death
sentence for every Jew has affected our basic concepts of progress,
enlightenment, morality, and freedom.

Exploring the social, political, historical, and cultural contexts of the Holocaust,
the purpose of this course is to examine its depiction and representation in art,
literature, poetry, and film. We will construct our inquiry around three major
questions: why did this mass murder happen, how did it run its course, and how
can we articulate the enormity and horror of this event in the various modes of
artistic expression. Through this examination, will study the ways in which the
Holocaust has continued to affect our religious beliefs, our sense of morality, and
our notions of education and culture in the twenty- first-century.

Required Texts:

David Crowe, The Holocaust: Roots, History, and Aftermath (ISBN: 978-
Lawrence Langer, Ed., Art from the Ashes (ISBN: 9780195077322)

*Required assignments may also include readings from: Ilan Avisar, Lucy
Dawidowicz, Jeffrey Herf, Annette Insdorf, Lawrence Langer, and others which
will be on electronic reserve in the UT Dallas library.

Course Requirements/Evaluation Criteria:

Course requirements include regular attendance and participation, one movie or
book review (2-3 pages),one 4-5 page paper, and two tests.

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