Spring 2012 - Undergraduate Course Descriptions

Cohen, Milton
Discipline and Number
LIT 3324 Section 001
MW Time 1:00 PM - 2:15 PM
Course Title
American Realism and Naturalism

Description of Course:

This course surveys American literature from about 1865 to 1910 and focuses on variations of realism and naturalism. Realism will encompass such dissimilar authors as Twain (Huck Finn), James, and Howells, while naturalism will include Dreiser (Sister Carrie), Crane, and London.

We shall also read several poems by Dickinson and Whitman and consider such topics as emerging feminism (Chopin's _The Awakening_), the immigrant's experience, the black dilemma under Jim Crow (Washington, DuBois, Chesnutt), and progressivism.

Required Texts:

Norton Anthology of American Literature (current ed., volume C)
Dreiser, Sister Carrie (unexpurgated Penguin ed.)
packet of readings (available only at Off-Campus Books, 561 W. Campbell Road)

Course Requirements/Evaluation Criteria:

Students will write either one research paper (10-12 pp.) or two short analytical papers (5-6 pp. each). A creative project may be substituted for one of the shorter papers. "Reaction" papers of about 2 pp. each will be required for each major reading and count as part of class participation. As the class will proceed primarily by discussion, attendance and active participation are important.

Grading criteria
Formal paper(s) = 60%
Class participation,
including reaction papers = 40%

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