Spring 2012 - Undergraduate Course Descriptions

Choate, Mickey
Discipline and Number
ISAH 4350 Section 001
Time (No time assigned)
Course Title

Description of Course:

You have the unique opportunity to integrate academic learning with your internship work experience in this course. With this in mind, you should not view this internship position as just another “job,” but as a chance to refine your skills, develop new abilities, and to learn more about the work world. To take full advantage of this opportunity, you will identify specific learning goals and objectives, keep a journal of your workplace experiences, complete assigned memos and evaluations, maintain contact with me, and prepare a written report. The report will focus on the accomplishments and insights gained through the co-op experience. The course is graded Credit/No Credit (CR/NC).

Required Texts:

There is no book required for this class.

Course Requirements/Evaluation Criteria:

*Complete Learning Objectives Form with your supervisor
*Memo 1
*Memo 2
*Final Paper
*Site Visit
*Supervisor & Intern Evaluation Forms

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