Spring 2012 - Graduate Course Descriptions

Malina, Roger
Discipline and Number
ATEC 7390 Section 501
M Time 7:00 PM - 9:45 PM
Course Title
Art, Science & Humanities

Description of Course:

This course will address emerging international topics on the new ways that scientists are engaging with the arts and humanities.

In recent years scientists have collaborated with artists and humanities researchers in new ways. In this seminar we will survey emerging hot topics internationally where scientists collaborate with artists or humanities researchers.

1) Virtual Humans: connections to new developments in the cognitive sciences, neuro-sciences, life sciences, behavioral and social sciences. Virtual Human problems arise both in the study of how humans behave on line, and for creating virtual personae in fields ranging from games, virtual worlds, entertainment and on line education.

2) Big Data: We now live in an age of data deluge. New issues arise in the arts and sciences requiring new systems of data representation, visualization, sonification, and simulation in fields ranging from astronomy to geology, to nano-sciences, medicine to business and finance. Insights are being developed from the science of complex networks, translation studies, "technologies of attention" and other trans- disciplinary approaches.

3) History of art, science, technology interaction: We will contextualize current work within the history of art, science, technology over the last few centuries. Other special topics identified by the enrolled students will be covered. Student projects will be carried out using resources and methodologies from the UTD-Leonardo Initiatives including experimental publishing and curating and blended learning approaches.

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Course Requirements/Evaluation Criteria:


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