Fall 2012 - Graduate Course Descriptions

Warren, Shilyh
Discipline and Number
HUAS 6373 Section 001
T Time 10:00 AM - 12:45 PM
Course Title
American Independent Cinema

Description of Course:

This course examines key films, directors, and issues in American independent cinema. One of our pressing questions has to do with the definition of "independence" in the American context. Is independence a matter of industrial autonomy, aesthetic innovation, political commitment, or simply savvy branding? This course focuses on the last 30 years of American independent filmmaking, including Midnight Movies, Generation X, Trash, Mumblecore, and New Queer Cinema. However, we also consider the influence and legacy of prior independent movements, such as the American avant-garde, black independent cinema, and women's liberation cinema.

Required Texts:


Course Requirements/Evaluation Criteria:


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