Fall 2012 - Graduate Course Descriptions

Reynolds, Clay
Discipline and Number
HUAS 6354 Section 501
R Time 7:00 PM - 9:45 PM
Course Title
Creating Short Fictions

Description of Course:

This course is will focus on the practice and study of the composition of original short fiction. Students will be involved in the reading and analysis of numerous published American short stories, with a primary emphasis on the twentienth century forms, and a special concentration on post-World War II and contemporary short fiction. Additionally, they will be asked to read and critique all other students' work. Additionally, the course will address approaches to editors and publishers will be introduced, as it is needed. The thrust of the course will be toward defining the contemporary forms of the short story as it appears in both periodical and book-length works.

As a principal part of the course, the writing of original short fiction will be required. Students will actively engage in the production and evaluation of each other's original work, with an eye toward publication of their work in national journals, reviews, and anthologies. Elements of short fiction such as plot, character, setting, tone, and dialogue will be discussed in lecture and open forum. Students should be prepared to write a minimum of three and a maximum of five short stories during the term.

Required Texts:


Course Requirements/Evaluation Criteria:

Previous courses in creative writing are not required for enrollment in this course; however, experience in creative writing is a distinct advantage. The ability to write competently in the English language and a demonstrable knowledge of English grammar and mechanics will be regarded as a given.

NOTE: Full attendance will be required.

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