Fall 2012 - Graduate Course Descriptions

Madriguera, Enric
Discipline and Number
HUAS 6399 Section 501
W Time 7:00 PM - 9:45 PM
Course Title
Music of Latin America

Description of Course:

What is a tango or a milonga and how did they become iconic to the cultures of Argentina and its neighboring countries in the Southern Cone? We know that Europeans influenced the musical cultures of the Americas; but did a reverse influence take place? How is the guitar the national instrument of Portugese and Spanish Iberoamerica? Is there Asian influence in the music of Andean countries? This a other items of music and culture will be studied and discussed in the Music of Latin America.

Required Texts:

(Subject to change)
Harris, Aztecs, Moors and Christians, UT Press ISBN 0-292-7131-0
Prieto, Travels of a Cello, UT Press ISBN 978-0-292-71322-2
Schechter, Music in Latin American Culture, Schirmer ISBN:0-02864750-5 Stover, Six Silver Moonbeams, GSP Pubications ISBN: 0-9632233-1-3

Course Requirements/Evaluation Criteria:

(subject to change)
Two aesthetic essays on music and a final paper.

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