Summer 2012 - Undergraduate Course Descriptions

Bell, Lisa
Discipline and Number
COMM 3301 Section 05A
TR Time 4:00 PM - 8:00 PM
Course Title
Business and Professional Communication

Description of Course:

Public and Professional Speaking for Business will help you craft effective public and interpersonal messages to advance yourself and your positions in professional contexts. The course takes a workshop approach with brief lectures to ensure basic understandings of fundamental strategies related to content development, delivery, and the rhetorical situation. We will spend much of the scheduled class time experimenting with different approaches, refining skills, and critiquing presentations. This is not a reading-intensive course, but it will have at least four major presentations that will require you to prepare an annotated outline and practice delivery outside of class. If you choose to enroll in this class, plan to speak in each class session (although not always for a major grade), participate in class exercises and activities, and to have several presentations recorded for review with the instructor. No absences will be excused nor may any assignment be made up, so please do not enroll if you anticipate schedule conflicts.

Required Texts:

Course Requirements/Evaluation Criteria:

All major grades will come from presentations, but assignments will include written components including outlines (where the speech content is annotated to identify strategic choices), audience analyses, and critiques.

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