Spring 2013 - Graduate Course Descriptions

Reynolds, Clay
Discipline and Number
HUMA 6300 Section 501
T Time 7:00 PM - 9:45 PM
Course Title
Interdisciplinary Approaches to the Arts and Humanities

Description of Course:

This will be a reading intensive course. We will focus on the examination of one major history and three creative nonfiction accounts of the period of American history from 1946-1960, as well as works of fiction and poetry, as well as film from the same period. Each of the selected works will be examined and discussed in light of the perceived tensions that exist between the myths and realities of this fifteen-year period as it was variously perceived and displayed in its time and as it has evolved as an historical epoch since. We will examine political, social, as well as popular culture representations of the period. Additional materials drawn from fiction and poetry and from the visual and performing arts will supplement the course's content. Course format will be lecture/seminar/discussion.

Required Texts:

Watch This Space. Textbook requirements will be announced before the end of the Fall Term.

Course Requirements/Evaluation Criteria:

Students will be expected to read and be prepared to discuss all assigned work on the date due. Failure to complete reading assignments will be regarded as an indifferent attitude toward one's performance evaluation and duly noted as such.
For each meeting, each student will prepare a question or statement that may be used as a basis of discussion for the assigned work. Connections to previously assigned and discussed work are encouraged. The question or statement should be typed and be turned in at the start of the class session.
Each student will make a seminar presentation. These will be scheduled early in the term. Specifics regarding these assignments will be discussed during the first or second class meeting. The presentation should be accompanied by a three-to-five page precis of the presentation, which will be evaluated for grade.
Each student will write a brief (five to seven pages) proposal for a lengthy research project or paper. The proposal should indicate a breadth of research and citations should be properly documented.

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