Spring 2013 - Undergraduate Course Descriptions

Shao, Wei
Discipline and Number
CRWT 2301 Section 001
MW Time 11:30 AM - 12:45 PM
Course Title
Introductory Creative Writing

Description of Course:

This course is designed to introduce students to the college-level study of creative writing (multiple genres) and prepare them for upper-division courses in this field. Creativity is something that many people possess, but the ability to write does not always come naturally. We will hone these skills to become more articulate and invested in the art, as well as to develop our own voices. The emphasis is to grow both as a reader and a writer.

The readings and writing practice will focus on multiple genres in order to broaden the students’ understanding of the potential of the written and spoken word, and to widen students’ base of knowledge and understanding of the world, thus preparing students to participate more fully in the life of the community.

Throughout the semester there will a lot of reading and discussions in groups, numerous writing exercises, and workshops on students’ writings. Our ultimate goal is for each student to create a portfolio of his or her writing that includes poetry, fiction/non-fiction or/and drama.

Course objectives:
1. To identify and appreciate different literary genres
2. To understand main characteristics of genres, such as characters, point of view, description of fiction and nonfiction, figurative and musical language of poetry, dialogues/monologues of drama, first person narrative of nonfiction, and more.
3. To be able to develop an idea into a polished final draft of a short story or a series of poems or a short piece of drama.
4. To appreciate the development and revision process in creative writing

Required Texts:

Imaginative Writing: Elements of Craft (3rd Edition) by Janet Burroway
Poetry Handbook by Mary Oliver
The Faith of a Writer by Joyce Carol Oates

Course Requirements/Evaluation Criteria:

In order to achieve the above goals, students will be required to:

1. Keep a journal throughout the semester(10%);
2. Read weekly from the texts and/or handouts (20%);
3. Write at Course Blog twice a week (10%);
4. Submit creative work for 2 or 3 workshops in the semester (20%);
5. Write one informal essay (10%);
6. Present a final portfolio (20%);
7. Attend every class (10%).

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