Spring 2013 - Undergraduate Course Descriptions

Martini, Nicolas
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ATEC 4370 Section 0I1
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Self-Branding with Digital Media

Description of Course:

The world has changed. Class reunions no longer matter because of Facebook. Linkedin has become one of the most important sites for job seekers. Employers are running Google searches on you before even reading your resume. It's time to realize that YOU are a brand. Whether it's setting yourself up for the future jobs you'll apply for, creating an online presence that will allow you to start your own business, or just making sure that you are in control of your individual online identity... Self branding is vital. We'll walk through ways and approaches to create the exact presence you're hoping to reveal when someone types your name into Google. If you think Facebook is evil and this whole Internet thing is just a fad, this course is not for you.

Be prepared to put yourself out there online. We can control it, but you must be willing to become active on social media.

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