Fall 2013 - Undergraduate Course Descriptions

Javadova-Spitzberg, Jamila
Discipline and Number
MUSI 1306 Section 003
TR Time 4:00 PM - 5:15 PM
Course Title
Understanding Music

Description of Course:

Understanding Music is a 3-credit course designed for students without previous training in music history. This course is an introduction to music terminology, history, and literature. It is designed to help students critically listen, understand and enjoy music. The course will be solely focused on Western Music covering the following major style periods: Middle Ages (400-1400), Renaissance (1400-1600), Baroque (1600-1750), Classical (1750-1825), Romantic (1820-1900), Post Romanticism, Impressionism, and Early Twentieth Century (1900-1940).

Required Texts:

Understanding Music (7th Edition)
(ISBN 10: 0205441017 / ISBN 13: 9780205441013 )
Jeremy Yudkin;

Student Collection 3-CD Set for Understanding Music, 7th Edition

Course Requirements/Evaluation Criteria:


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