Fall 2013 - Graduate Course Descriptions

Schlereth, Eric
Discipline and Number
HIST 6310 Section 001
W Time 10:00 AM - 12:45 PM
Course Title
The Revolutionary Atlantic

Description of Course:

Political revolutions reshaped whole societies in the eighteenth century. Throughout the western hemisphere European empires collapsed and republics emerged in their place. Revolutionary ideas and, occasionally, revolutionaries crisscrossed the Atlantic Ocean spreading their influence far and wide. This graduate seminar explores the history of revolutionary movements and ideas in the eighteenth-century Atlantic world. This course will concentrate on the period from roughly 1760 to 1820. Readings and discussions will focus on recent scholarly interpretations of topics such as slave rebellions in Haiti, the role of sailors as political actors, the trans-Atlantic dimensions of religious prophecy, Native American participants in the American Revolution, and the American Revolution as a world event. Over the semester this course will also explore the rise and efficacy of Atlantic History as an analytical category, one that is increasingly used by literary scholars and historians. Students will likely be required to write a historigraphical essay at the end of the semester and two book reviews during the semester.

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