Fall 2013 - Undergraduate Course Descriptions

Martini, Nicolas
Discipline and Number
ATEC 4341 Section 0I1
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Digital Marketing Design

Description of Course:

Technology has changed the way in which people receive information. The ability to convey a message strategically and effectively through various online channels is Increasingly essential. Strategic content development not only applies to the world of business, but can also be used to convey information about a cause, a community, or an individual – even yourself. All have the same basic goal in mind – develop a strategy to convey information and shape the perception of the brand/organization/cause/individual to spark action – buy/support/unite/interact. The first step to successfully conveying your message online is to understand the various channels and tools at your disposal. In ATEC 4341, you will learn about these tools, the strengths and weaknesses of various online channels, and the value in creating different forms of content. The class takes place entirely online, however in previous semesters, the class has incorporated offline interactivity, such as industry conferences and seminars. at discounted rates. The instructor owns and runs a digital marketing agency and is very active with real world clients. Often, students are presented with opportunities to apply these techniques to some of these real world networks. The course culminates in the creation of a digital marketing plan for a real world client.

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Prerequisite: Upper-division standing

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