Spring 2014 - Undergraduate Course Descriptions

Bowman, Sarah
Discipline and Number
ATEC 3325 Section 0I2
Time (No time assigned)
Course Title
Introduction to Computer Mediated Communication

Description of Course:

ATEC 3325 Introduction to Computer Mediated Communication (3 semester hours)

An introduction and exploration of the impact of computer technology's influence on human communications. Emphasis will be placed on survey and study of emerging modalities of computer mediated communication activities. Additional analysis of theoretical perspectives involving linguistics and cultural studies among other approaches. Prerequisite: RHET 1302. (3-0) S

NOTE: This Course is online only

Required Texts:

Convergence Culture by: Henry Jenkins ISBN: 9780814742815

Hamlet on the Holodeck by: Janet Murray ISBN: 9780262631877

The Functions of Role-Playing Games: How Participants Create Community, Solve Problems, and Explore Identity by: Sarah Lynne Bowman ISBN: 9780786447107

Course Requirements/Evaluation Criteria:

English 1302

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