Spring 2014 - Graduate Course Descriptions

Waligore, Marilyn
Discipline and Number
HUAS 6392 Section 501
R Time 7:00 PM - 9:45 PM
Course Title

Description of Course:

The sometimes uneasy union of text and image--as exemplified by the photo essay, the advertising layout, the news photograph and caption, visual narratives, and experiments in art and photography--creates curious interrelationships between looking and reading. These dialogues continue from print, to web, to screen. This course will examine the connections among photo-text works that operate on two levels through practice and discussion of readings. We will investigate how a sequence or series of photographs builds meaning.  Using more than one image to communicate an idea or message allows us to tell a story, or to draw relationships between similar or disparate events. 

The form of the artist book will serve as a guide for the generation of the image sequence, in conjunction with text, while also facilitating the exploration of a theme or concept. Through the use of the book format, the artist can emphasize the visual or verbal, investigate the possibilities of narrative, or create a complement to an exhibition. Students have the option of exploring digital prints, artist books, videos or animations to present a sequence of images. Emphasis will be placed on the use of lens-based imagery and text. In this course we will review historical precedents from the '60s and '70s and recent photographic practice with text and image, while engaging in our own experimentation.

Required Texts:

ed. Matthew Witkovsky, Light Years, Conceptual Art and the Photograph, 1964-1977

A selection of articles-- available electronically--by artists and scholars such as Johanna Drucker, Roland Barthes, Barbara Kruger, and Rosalind Krauss.

Students should have access to a still or video camera, and should be able to output their images to print or digital media. Visual responses can be generated using basic consumer-level photographic, book, and video processes.

Course Requirements/Evaluation Criteria:

Requirements include: attendance and participation in class workshops, critiques, and discussions; digital images--output to print, artist book, or video--created in response to assignments and in fulfillment of a final portfolio requirement; a short essay providing an overview of the final portfolio; and a research project (short critical essay and annotated bibliography).

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