Spring 2014 - Undergraduate Course Descriptions

Brackin, Adam
Discipline and Number
ATEC 4370 Section 501
M Time 7:00 PM - 9:45 PM
Course Title

Description of Course:

DESCRIPTION: Viral video and social media sites like YouTube have changed what, how, when, where, and why we watch the stories that we watch. No longer is content restrained to big media or high-quality "valid" sources, but rather to varying degrees of am-pro (amateur professional) content providers like the "Yogscast," "Rooster Teeth," or "Pewdiepie" who have literally made a business out of highly "authentic" narrative video formats like "Let's Play," "Let's Build," & "Machinima" while leveraging less obvious elements like "meta-story," "Persona Story," "Developer Story," and "Player Story" through tools like video games and interactive worlds such as Halo or Minecraft. This course is an in-depth exploration of these and other related elements within the context of an assignment based lab atmosphere.

OUTCOMES: The purpose of the course is to teach students how to quickly create large quantities of self-publishable video using the tools and resources readily available to them. 3 projects will be completed in teams of 1-3 people -- with an expectation of no more than one video per day, and no less than 2 videos per week per team member -- to be uploaded publicly via YouTube. The first assignment will be a 'persona narrative' project focusing on the fictive 'character' of the student. The second assignment is the 'quest narrative' which follows a standard story-arc model. The third project is a 'non-linear narrative' or meta-narrative which demonstrates in-depth understanding of advanced narrative theory including non-linear models such as non-sequential, multi-linear, or branching forms.

Required Texts:

Youtube-Participatory-Culture-Digital-Society (1st/2nd Edition) Jean Burgess & Joshua Greene (2009/2014) 978-0745644790/978-0745660196 (**NOTE - you can wait till Feb and purchase the 2014 ed. or purchase the 2009 edition now.)

YouTube Strategies, by Paul Colligan 2013)CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform, 978-1482705072.

Course Requirements/Evaluation Criteria:

While there are no course pre-requisites, a rudimentary knowledge of either Photoshop, Audacity, Adobe Premier or similar image/audio/video editing software is strongly recommended, along with a desire and willingness to film yourself (via Frapps software) playing story games (or performing similar tasks) and to post this content publicly onto YouTube. A valid talent release form (https://www.utd.edu/communications/docs/talent_release.pdf)WILL BE REQUIRED for the course.

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