Fall 2014 - Undergraduate Course Descriptions

Cohen, Milton
Discipline and Number
LIT 3309 Section 001
MW Time 1:00 PM - 2:15 PM
Course Title
Studies in the Short Story

Description of Course:

The short story, that appealing but deceptively tricky genre, will receive a rethinking this semester as part of the instructor's textbook-in-progress. We shall reconsider the story's elements'narrative direction, narrative voice and perspective, characterization, etc.'from the standpoint of authorial strategies and reader responses. Other topics include subgenres (e.g., science fiction, magic fiction, flash fiction), interpretive contexts, and the story's historical development.

Required Texts:

Fiction 100, 14th ed. (including 'Reader's Guide to the Short Story')*
Charles May, ed., The New Short Story Theories (Ohio Univ. Press)
packet of readings (available only at Off-Campus Books)

*The new edition of Fiction 100 is unconscionably expensive, but rental and used copies will be available at Off-Campus Books.

Course Requirements/Evaluation Criteria:

Three short analytical papers (c. 5-6 pp. each) on different short stories: the first interprets a story's meaning; the second analyzes how a particular element contributes to the story's overall effect; the third interprets a story within a particular context or from a particular critical perspective. The first two papers count for 25% each of the grade, the third for 30%. Class participation counts for the remaining 20% of the grade.

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