Fall 2014 - Undergraduate Course Descriptions

Riccio, Thomas
Discipline and Number
DRAM 1310 Section HN1
MWF Time 9:00 AM - 9:50 AM
Course Title
Understanding Theater

Description of Course:

Understanding Theatre is an introduction to Theatre and performance practice. It is designed to increase students' understanding, appreciation, and critical perceptions of the theatrical event. Readings and lectures will focus on the elements of theatrical practice, artists and innovators of theatre and performance using a variety of historical and cultural examples. The student will have a working knowledge of the terms, concepts, and conventions of theatre and performance as an art form and a social phenomenon.

Required Texts:

A variety of play texts and articles will be available for download or viewing via eLearning. NO TEXT BOOK REQUIRED.

Course Requirements/Evaluation Criteria:

This course will be based on lecture and in-­‐class discussion. Because of the wide range of material covered by this survey, student attendance and participation will be essential. A mid-­‐ term exam and final exam will be given covering the reading and concepts presented in class— essay, T-­‐F, multiple choice, identification. A final project will be required—playwriting, directing, presentation of a scene or monologue, puppet show, etc. Final project will be discussed in class and must be approved by the instructor. Performance attendance and short assignment/responses will also be required.

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