Fall 2014 - Undergraduate Course Descriptions

Gresham-Lancaster, Scot
Discipline and Number
ATEC 4375 Section 001
W Time 1:00 PM - 3:45 PM
Course Title
Sound Design for Animation

Description of Course:

The goals and differentiation of this sound design course from other sound design undergraduate courses are clear. Unique design considerations associated with animation are very different than other forms of sound design production. An animation soundtrack is not tied to recording made during a live taping or filming, but rather generated from scratch from the collaboration with the animator, the director and the shared resource of the storyboard. As a collaborative the sound designer must understand the aesthetics, tools and workflow associated with a given project. The course is designed around the idea of offering a path to understanding the overall workflow techniques for the sound designer but also this unique relationship of sound to the design of the animatics and other aspects of the storyboarding process that drive the timeline in the development of an professional animation

Required Texts:

Design Sound for Animation (2nd Edition) -Robin Beaucamp

Course Requirements/Evaluation Criteria:

ATEC 2385 or permission of the instructor

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