Spring 2015 - Undergraduate Course Descriptions

Milazzo, Joe
Discipline and Number
CRWT 3307 Section 001
M Time 4:00 PM - 6:45 PM
Course Title
Creating Short Stories

Description of Course:

Sometimes, in order to better understand their characters, fiction writers focus on those characters' interior lives: their feelings, memories, dreams, and musings. But any given character in any given story is also an actor, and should spend much of his / her time doing, not just being.

In this workshop-intensive course, we will be work together towards better understanding the diverse techniques fiction writers employ in the interests of getting their characters into action: via dialogue, physical description, point-of-view, and interactions or conflict with both their setting (or environment) and other characters. Through reading and writing exercises, we will practice guiding our readers, i.e., each other, in the delicate business of relating to our characters as if they were "real people."

Prerequisite: CRWT 2301 or equivalent.

Required Texts:


Course Requirements/Evaluation Criteria:


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