Fall 2016 - Undergraduate Course Descriptions

Hashim, Sahalie
Discipline and Number
HIST 1301 Section 501
MW Time 5:30 PM - 6:45 PM
Course Title
U.S. History Survey to Civil War

Description of Course:

Course Description:
HIST 1301 is a broad survey course that aims to introduce students to the major events, movements, people, and ideas that shaped American history from the pre-Columbian period through the end of the Civil War. In this class, students will gain a better understanding of how major events such as the American Revolution, or major developments such as the Second Great Awakening, occurred while also simultaneously studying regional, political, economic, and cultural events. In addition, another major component of this class is the analysis of primary material through the lens of an historian. By learning to think historically, students will begin to understand how history is created and shaped by those who study it, and those who write it. Students will be introduced to the idea that history is constantly being reconstructed and that they can engage in this reconstruction as well.

Required Texts:

Textbook: Experience History, Davidson et al, Vol. 1 to 1877, 8th edition, ISBN: 9780077504724
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Course Requirements/Evaluation Criteria:

In order to pass this course, students must complete both Term Exams and turn in a first and final draft of the 5-7 page historical analysis research paper.

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