Fall 2016 - Undergraduate Course Descriptions

Vincent, Shelby
Discipline and Number
LIT 4348 Section 501
MW Time 5:30 PM - 6:45 PM
Course Title
Translation Workshop

Description of Course:

This Translation Workshop is one of very few to be offered on the undergraduate level either at UTD or across the U.S. It will address two fundamental questions: “What is Translation?” and “Why does translation matter?” Based on the idea that all acts of communication are acts of translation, the workshop will reveal how different cultures can communicate through translation. In a global environment, translation is one of the best ways to understand another culture and this will be demonstrated through the analysis of works of fiction, drama, poetry, and essays. In order to learn the craft of translation, students will practice translating from English to English and then apply those techniques to the translation of foreign texts into English. The reading a translator performs is the most intense of all types of reading, so by applying the skills a translator uses, students will develop the close reading and critical thinking skills that are beneficial to all fields of study. The workshop should be of interest to both American and foreign students studying at UTD, particularly those who have an interest in languages, some second language background, and especially students to hope to, or expect to, work in multilingual and or multi-cultural environments. Together we will explore the world through translation.

Required Texts:

texts will be uploaded to eLearning

Course Requirements/Evaluation Criteria:

an interest in languages, literature, and cultures

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