Summer 2016 - Undergraduate Course Descriptions

Rankin, Monica
Discipline and Number
HIST 4359 Section 0S1
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Course Title
Health & Culture / Lat Amer Hist

Description of Course:

Health and Culture in Mexican History is a 5-week study abroad program that offers an immersion experience for students in the charming city of Oaxaca. Through language instruction, scholarly presentations, and field activities, students will experience first hand the vibrant intersection of Mexico’s history through the lens of public health, culture, and community engagement. Students will be in Oaxaca from July 10-August 13, 2016.

Program activities include:
• Customized Spanish instruction and language immersion
• Presentations by experts in public health and natural healing
• Visits to historic and cultural sites such as Monte Alban, los Pueblos Mancomunados, and the Oaxaca Botanical Gardens
• Projects examining local micro-lending practices
• Visits to local migrant shelters

The program offers 6 hours of upper-level credit, with Spanish language instruction and history/cultural knowledge integrated together. Students will enroll in HIST 4359 (3 credit hours) and LANG 4V71 (3 credit hours).

Students are strongly encouraged to have completed at least one semester of Spanish (or the equivalent) prior to departure. The program is open to UTD students from all majors. Curriculum is particularly suited for students interested in history, medicine, global studies, Latin American culture, and international business.

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